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Our guarantee for verifying catch-all emails

A 99%+ accuracy of deliverable emails may be quite misleading as it doesn't answer the question: what percentage of emails are successfully verified and not simply marked as "risky"?

In today's world, more than 50% emails (and growing) on a typical email list might be catch-all or protected by some SEGs (Secure Email Gateway) and most verification services just mark all of those emails as "risky" as they cannot reliably verify them, and then claim an amazing accuracy rate of 97%~99% for only the rest of emails that can be easily verified.

BounceBan guarantees that it can reliably verify 83%+ of email addresses that are accept-all or protected by SEGs (Secure Email Gateway) with a 97%+ accuracy, and the rest that cannot be reliably verified will be marked as "risky". As a result, you'll get more emails correctly marked as "deliverable" or "undeliverable" depending on your list quality, and fewer emails marked as "risky", while still achieving the similar level of guaranteed delivery rate. 

Our guarantee for emails marked as "Deliverable"

  • 99%+ accuracy rates on emails marked as "Deliverable" and with a score of 99~100.
  • 97%+ accuracy rates on the rest of emails marked as "Deliverable".

Qualifying emails:

  • Email must be sent within 24 hours of verification.
  • The minimum list size must be 1,000 unique emails from at least 100 unique email domains.
  • Email addresses must be labeled as "deliverable".
  • Bounces must be hard bounce, not soft bounce as a result of bad sender reputation, email policies blocking emails from the sender, temporary email server issues, etc.


If you believe we failed to meet our commitments, please contact us within 7 days of the relevant email campaign. We'll provide a 100% refund for qualifying emails. 

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